Monday - Saturday, 8AM to 10PM

Our group of GVP auditors is qualified and committed to offering the necessary PV QA oversight. We make sure that every audit we conduct is more than simply a one-off audit, and we collect vital data that is provided to our clients' internal QA teams. Assessments of risk and their effects, as well as exposure to risk factors in the processes that will have an impact on an organisation, are highlighted. Our range of GVP services include:

  • PV Systems Audits
  • PSP Audits
  • PV Vendor Selection Audits
  • PV Project Specific Audits at Vendors
  • PV Database Audit (including CSV Components)
  • PSMF Audits
  • Affiliates PV Audits (worldwide)
  • Distributor and License partner audit
  • CT PV Process Audit (CRO)
  • Other strategic projects within PV