Monday - Saturday, 8AM to 10PM

Request Handling - Medical and technical information

All the requests via multiple communication channels as phone, chat, mail, email, etc. are documented and categorized e.g. general, business, medical, scientific, technical, etc. Responses are provided through appropriate channels.

Adverse event (AE) intake and reporting

Our medical information scientists receives potential adverse events during the request handling and handle them in accordance to regulatory framework and manufacturer-specified guidelines. This includes the identification, intake, data collection, documentation and timely reporting of events to manufacturers’ pharmacovigilance partners to ensure adherence to compliance requirements and guidelines.

Product quality complaint intake and reporting

The MI services also extends Product Quality Complaint (PQC) services that include the identification, intake, data collection, documentation and timely reporting of potential complaints from all customer types to client’s safety and/or quality partners. The support may act on behalf on the client to facilitate product replacement, reimbursement or refund requests and/or outreach to follow up on requests for additional information as part of complaint investigations.

Follow-up and after-hours services

We have fully integrated 24/7/365 contact center services where the client can choose through a variety of after-hours options, including live call handling, on-call services, and voicemail.


Conference support

We boasts unrivalled MI Scientists that can help provide medical conference support both face-to-face (onsite) or virtual attendance. The representation at the booth includes intake and responses to medical inquiries, reporting of potential AE and POQs.

REMS and patient registration support

We support REMS programs through the intake, documentation, and response to inquiries from all customer types related to elements of a REMS program. This support may include screening for REMS adherence through patient and pharmacy counseling and training, as well as registration into these programs and outreach to ensure compliance.

Compassionate use support

We support Compassionate Use Programs by responding to inquiries from all customer types, pre-screening of eligibility criteria, and assisting with eligibility determination for product acquisition.

Crisis management

We provide quick, flexible and reliable solution to handle crisis situations as anticipated or unexpected high volume situations such as product recalls, drug shortages, safety events, or any other market events.