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MIVigilance plays a vital role in providing essential medical services and products to individuals and communities. Moreover, MIVigilance often collaborate with government agencies, academic institutions, and non-profit organizations to address public health challenges, promote health education, and contribute to medical research.

Overall, company play a crucial role in society by fostering a healthier future, addressing medical needs, and ensuring the well-being of individuals and communities.


Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance

We provide drug safety and pharmacovigilance between healthcare professionals, pharmaceutical companies, regulatory agencies, and patients. The ultimate goal is to ensure that the benefits of medications outweigh any potential risks and to enhance patient safety and overall public health.

The ultimate goal is to ensure that the benefits of medications outweigh any potential risks and to enhance patient safety and overall public health.

Regulatory Compliance

The major goals of regulatory compliance in the healthcare sector are to protect patient safety, guarantee product quality, encourage moral behaviour, and uphold public trust.

Regulatory compliance encompasses a variety of topics, such as:

  • Drug Approval and Licensing
  • Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Labeling and Packaging Requirements
  • Adverse Event Reporting
  • Privacy and Data Protection
  • Marketing and Promotion

Quality Compliance

Our goods fully and genuinely comply to the highest standards of performance, usability, utility, and reliability, reflecting our commitment to quality.
A thorough quality check is done on all incoming raw materials, in-process materials, and finished products to ensure that we only give our esteemed clients and consumers the best.


Commercial Compliance

We use top-tier technology, strategic advice, and services to increase business efficiencies and make commercial compliance seamless.
Commercial compliance is a prerequisite for an enterprise to operate efficiently.

Corporate compliance encourages ethical company practices, leading to favorable working conditions and an empowering culture.

Lifecycle Safety

It takes an alternate strategy to achieve your lifecycle safety goals in an environment of frequent shifts and budgetary limitations. It necessitates automating PV, implementing cutting-edge technologies, and utilising industry specialists who are safety focused.We are using end-to-end safety solutions in completely different ways, and partnering with senior management and functional leadership to deploy global services, new technologies, and deep expertise to help you pursue better business and patient outcomes.

Regulatory Affairs

In order to assure compliance, our committed Quality, Regulatory, Affairs teams will work closely with you. Where necessary, they will offer cost-effective and efficient support.

We provide clinical and regulatory affairs consulting services to help clients in traversing the IVD administrative ecosystem across multiple countries.


Recruitment Assistance

Recruitment assistance in healthcare involves providing support and guidance to healthcare organizations in their efforts to hire qualified professionals for various positions within the industry. Healthcare recruitment can be a complex process due to the specialized nature of healthcare roles and the high demand for skilled professionals.

It helps healthcare organizations overcome recruitment challenges and secure talented professionals who contribute to the delivery of high-quality patient care.

Training Provision

Training provision in healthcare refers to the process of delivering educational programs, courses, and workshops specifically tailored to enhance the knowledge, skills, and competencies of healthcare professionals. It aims to ensure that healthcare providers stay up to date with the latest medical advancements, best practices, and regulatory requirements, enabling them to deliver high-quality care and improve patient outcomes.

By providing comprehensive and targeted training, training provision in healthcare contributes to the ongoing professional development of healthcare professionals.

Validation Tests Available to Purchase

Healthcare refer to diagnostic tests or assays that are specifically designed to validate the performance and accuracy of laboratory equipment, analytical methods, or medical devices used in healthcare settings. These tests are crucial in ensuring that the equipment or method produces reliable and consistent results, enabling healthcare professionals to make accurate diagnoses and treatment decisions.

  • Analytical Method Validation
  • Equipment Validation
  • Software Validation
  • Sterilization Validation
  • Performance Verification