Monday - Saturday, 8AM to 10PM


Medical Information Essentials

What you need to know about Medical Information and where to direct medical enquiries?

What does a day look like for a Medical Information Officer



Medical Information Deep-dive

Deeper level training with stress on Enquiry Handling, Case Handling, Response Genera tion, Legal Framework and Principles




Medical Information Deep-dive with hands-on Training

Live training on responding to medical enquiries as part of their role.

Practical training on content navigation, writing responses, standards, process & supporting technology


Introduction to Medical Information – overview of the role of Medical Information, typical customers, questions and information resources

Principles of enquiry handling – key principles including handling on and off-label enquiries, customer service and quality ​

Importance of the SmPC and PIL – what do they contain, how are they developed and their importance

How to find an answer to an enquiry – the go to sources of information used to answer Medical Information enquiries

Legal frameworks and guidelines – key legislation and guidelines that impact on the activities of Medical Information

Medicine development – the drug development process of molecule to market



Referencing: Evaluating a clinical paper, styles for referencing, preferred industry formats

Literature searching part 1: the theory. ​

Literature searching in practice:  This mainly focuses on PubMed/Medline, but the techniques relate to Embase as well.

Writing a response document: Global or Local response documents

Medical Writing: Tips for writing English grammar and punctuation.

Call handling: Telephone skills and handling challenging customer calls

Technology: Chatbots, SMS, Omnichannel, MI Systems (IRMS, SalesForce, Veeva MedComms etc.)